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lash & brow tinting

  • Face Treatments
  • Tinting is Applied to Darken the Natural Hair Color of the Brow or Lash. This is good for ALL skin and hair types including gray hair. Can last up to 4 to 6 weeks and will be customized as needed.

  • Awaken the Glow (Spring Seasonal Face Wellness)$80
  • Experience a wondrous facial, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and nutrient mud. Cleanse the skin with a pH-balanced green tea extract face wash, and a crisp aronia berry extract tonic. Exfoliate and boost your skins radiance with a natural exfoliating fruit acid mask, followed up with a calming peat mud mask rich with nourishing ingredients. Fight aging with an antioxidant serum, followed by a hyaluronic gelee moisturizer. Complete the experience with an eye transforming serum..
  • Vanilla Bean & Fig (Smoothing)$80
  • Oh, how divine, this comforting facial is here just in time to provide gentle improvement of the visible signs of aging! It's true, cold temperatures have led to winter-worn skin, so now’s the time for your complexion to receive the warm toasting it deserves. The facial will smooth the look of wrinkles, brightens, and increases while restoring the skin’s healthy, youthful appearance through antioxidants. Your face will surely be twinkling!.
  • All is Bright (Firmimg & Tightening)$80
  • You better watch out, because flawless skin is coming to town! This facial begins with a hydrating wash and a nourishing tonic, packed with antioxidants to treat skin to hydrate splendor. Your skin will be cocooned in a nourishing blend of agave nectar splashing radiance onto your complexion. Helps aid in the production particular skin cells called fibroblasts that work to keep skin looking firm and radiant..
  • Wine & Chocolate (Refining)$80
  • This delectable wine treatment is full of vitamin delight! It begins with a nectar wrap to calm and soothe the skin, as you’re nestled in warm relaxation with a powerful enzyme and antioxidant, aiding in the health of the skin cell function and repair from free radical damage. A cocktail compound to help reduce the look of pores blended with organic chamomile flower extract for the repair of the skin. This is one cocktail that won’t leave you with dancing regrets!.

  • Body Treatments
  • Bananas Foster Body Treatment$95
  • Dip into deliciousness with our Bananas Foster firming wrap and body polish treatment that’s for those who have not done a thing on their to-do list… We’ve got you! Skin is first softened with a sea salt scrub, prepping you for temporarily erasing the look of fine lines. Arms and legs are the nestled into a warm, vitamin E-rich compress to hydrate. End this treatment with a magical kneading, light effleurage strokes relieve muscles of tension, along with romantic notes of warm Madagascar vanilla and Texas distilled bourbon. .
  • Fluffy Bunny Body Treatment$95
  • Pamper yourself and allow your troubles to melt away by being cocooned in a warm sea salt wrap full of organic flower petals and tea leaves. A heavenly body wash blend brings silky smoothness back to skin with whipped shea butter, sugar, and creamy bubbles. A rich mint julep and lavender scented moisturizer seals in moisture and softness. You’ll feel so light you could float away on a cloud!.
  • Apricot Blossom Body De-Stressor Treatment$95
  • Bask in a steaming Apricot Nectar infusion, rich with coconut oil to deeply penetrate into the skin and provide hydration and relief from inflammation. Skin is thoroughly buffed with a shea sugar and citrus exfoliant, followed by the application of a firming mask made of banana and turmeric, giving skin a healthy dose of antioxidants and tightening properties that boost overall radiance and tone. Top this treatment off with a luxurious floral shea butter kneading – lounge in love as skin drinks up the delicious soft notes of peach, ginger and white tea..
  • Bacial$90
  • Indulge in our sensational bacial; This relaxing treatment offers real results customized to your specific needs and concerns. Our signature bacials will harmonize your mind, spirit and soul, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and renewed..